Provides 1st - 8th Grade Youth Football for Thornton Northglenn Westminster Firestone Commerce City Denver Colorado and part of Adams 12 School District. Elementary Middle High ( Not TJFL NYFL BYFA BLITZ )

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2012 Award Reciepients:  4th Grade Jose Franco and
7th Grade Deyvon Morris

Message From Michelle and Scott Craig:

The Ken Craig award is given annually to the NMJF player or players, which most exhibit those characteristics that Ken embodied- Fair play, good sportsmanship, a never quit attitude and someone that works extremely hard both on and off the field.

Ken would have loved to be honored in this way by NMJF, and Ken would have approved of both Deyvon and Jose to be chosen as this year’s award recipients.

They both worked extremely hard both on and off the field as their schools, families and coaches have attested. They both exhibit a never quit attitude on the field and their teammates agreed that they are positive role models. Deyvon, we especially liked that you walk your grandmother’s dog even when you are not asked too just to help her out. We especially liked that you continually pumped up your teammates even when the game wasn’t going your way. Jose, we are so proud that you were there to help your family as a devastating personal tragedy struck all of you. You were a constant support to your family, your team and a source of inspiration for everyone around you, as you continued to attend practices and games with such
a heavy heart.

Thank you both for all your hard work and loyalty to your team.

Our special thanks to NMJF President and the board members for taking the time and energy to Remember the “Very First Jaguar”-Ken Craig.

Michelle and Scott Craig

Jose Franco


Michelle & Scott Craig                                      Jose with his family & coaches

Deyvon Morris


Deyvon & The Craig Family                                 Deyvon & his family
Deyvon & his coach

2012 Ken Craig Award Nominees.

Top row left to right: 7th Grade Caleb Leialoha, 7th Grade Deyvon Morris, 6th Grade Miguel Villalobos, 8th Grade Uriah Vigil

Bottom row left to right: 5th Grade Jahir Lopez, 5th Grade Ethan Clark, 4th Grade Jose Franco, 4th Grade Alex Clark