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This year's Ken Craig Award Winner is 7th Grade Austin Saiz!

Congratulations Austin!

A letter from the Craig's:
The Ken Craig award is given annually to the NMJF player which most exhibits those characteristics that Ken embody- Fair play, good sportsmanship, leadership on and off the field, a never quit attitude and someone that works extremely hard in every facet of their lives.

Ken would have loved to be honored in this way by NMJF, and Ken would have been especially proud to honor this this year’s Ken Craig award recipient - Austin Saiz.

Austin is a leader both on and off the field. His math teacher at school praises Austin for his passion and positive attitude in the classroom. Austin’s grandmother told us that he is passionate about football but he also loves God, his family and school. Austin is a straight “A” student that displays a “can-do” attitude and always seeks ways to assist others. Austin is a leader on and off the field, as a captain for his team he helps motivate his teammates, and he regularly attends church and supports the charities. The thing that struck me the most when reading all the applications for this award is that Austin helps his mother around the house and takes pride in making sure that the family is taken care of. Austin is a very dedicated and thoughtful leader on and off the field and Ken would be proud to call him a friend.

Austin, you are a selfless leader and I want to thank you for all your hard work in school and on your sports teams. You display many of the same qualities as Ken Craig, as you are always seeking to improve and help others.

Congratulations on winning the award, you are certainly very deserving. My special thanks to NMJF and the board members for taking the time and energy to remember the “Very First Jaguar-Ken Craig.”

Happy Holidays to everyone!
Scott and Michelle Craig
Co-Founders NMJF